Frequently Asked Questions

Smoka liquids is for smokers

Smoka liquids is specially for smokers who smokes cigarette frequently its available in three Strengths 0.6,1.2,and 1.8 mg .Flavor Liquid can be used by anyone , flavor liquids are available in more than 20 different flavors which gives similar feel of hookah.



A 10 ml bottle can give you 2000 puffs. Everyone is different so your mileage may vary! Some people like to vape away all day while other people like to stick to their designated vaping breaks. As a rough guide, an average 20 a day smoker of traditional cigarettes gets through a 10ml bottle every 10 days or so.

As per customers feedback and our most selling liquids are Frost Bite, Pan Pasanda, Washington Apple, coffee are the best suggestive in Flavor liquids. However you can buy any flavor liquids as per your personal taste.

18mg – Equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day.
12mg – Equivalent of 10 cigarettes per day.
6mg – Social smoker or if you use any kind of ‘Light’ brand.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) e-liquid is a thick, slightly sweet liquid that produces luscious clouds of vapour. VG e-liquids deliver less of a throat hit. A minority of users complain about a build-up of phlegm in the throat.

Propylene Glycol (PG) e-liquid is much thinner and produces more of a throat hit than VG – this simulates the feel of smoking more authentically. 

However, PG e-liquid may cause sensitivity in some users. We would then recommend using the VG e-liquids instead.

The strength of e-liquid needed correlates with the number of tobacco cigarettes smoked per day.

  • If smoking around 20 per day then 1.8% is advised
  • If smoking around 10 per day then start at 1.2%
  • If you are using an e-cig to help you stop smoking then reducing your e-liquid strength to 0.6% can be achieved within 3 - 6 months of vaping if desired.